Mt. Lorne Ski Club

Mt Lorne Ski Club 2017/18

LMCA is pleased to offer another season of Mt Lorne Ski Club The program is designed to be fun. Each session will include group activities, games and trail skiing followed by a small snack in the community centre. Children will be divided into groups based on age and ski ability to help make sessions a positive experience for everyone. Groups may vary from day to day due to availability of coaches and the activities planned. Parents take turns providing the weekly snack.The program is coordinated by a certified level 2 cross country coach, assisted by certified community coaches, members of the Yukon Ski Team and parents .

A great group of volunteer coaches, youth coaches and support volunteers has come forward to take on another season- Thank You ! to all of them !!

And here is how we will make it work . . . MORE INFO


Due to waiting for equipment from WAFLE library
We will start 1 week later.
Oct 27th  Friday 4;30  registration and equipment
Nov 3rd  start of ski club

Ski club is full at this point… sorry..

Cross-country Skiing

The Lorne Mountain Community Centre (LMCC) maintains and tracksets about 12 km of ski trails including 1, 2, 5, 7.5 and 10 km loops and a warm-up loop.

We also offer a ski program for children aged 3 - 14.

We ask that users of these trails become members of the Lorne Mt. Community Association or pay the $5.00 per day users fee. A donation box is located at the trailhead.

2016/2017 Have fun learning to SKI

For children aged 3 years and up.
Parents of younger children are expected to participate.

Track Attack: ages 10+

Jackrabbit: ages 6 - 9

Bunnies: 3 - 5 Years (6 beginner)

Mt. Lorne Ski Club Info 2016/17 (PDF 85KB)

Final/Last day of registration: October 21st, 2016

You will need:


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2017 Lorne Mountain Classic Ski Race

Saturday, February 18th, 2017 - 12 pm start
info and registration

This event is part of the Grey Mountain Lions event series

Want to volunteer? Any questions? Give us a call 667-7083

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