Mt. Lorne residents, in an Emergency call 911 and ask for the Mt. Lorne Volunteer Fire Department

MLVFD 2017/2018

Fire Chief
Colin O'Neill

Deputy Chief
Jeff Boyd


Bill Dunn

Werner Walcher

Judy Beaumont


Peter Percival

Ralph Palmer

Claire Desmarais

Fire Hall (non-emergency)
Office, Fax, Messages

Call 911 from a safe location.

Tell the 911 operator you have a fire emergency and need the Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department (otherwise you will get the Whitehorse Fire Department and this wastes valuable time).

The 911 operator will activate the paging system and a volunteer will answer and ask the following questions:

  • What is the exact location of your emergency?
  • What is your phone number in case we are disconnected?
  • Where are you calling from?
  • What is your emergency?
  • Is everyone safely out of the structure?
  • Can you send someone to the end of your driveway so we can find you faster?
  • Get out and stay out - help is on the way.

We hope you never need to use the 911 emergency system. Follow these instructions and help will arrive as quickly as possible.

What you and your family can to do to prevent and prepare for an emergency:

"Be Prepared"

Mount Lorne Volunteer Fire Department (MLVFD) News


Every Wednesday of each month at 7 pm (1900 hrs)

New volunteers are welcome on any evening!

CALLING ANY WOMEN interested in seeing what being a firefighter entails: check out Ember Academy. A free introduction to the fire service, career or volunteer. Info at Ember Fire Academy

Or contact Fire Chief Colin or Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Boyd (see sidebar for contact info)

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