Lorne Mt. Community Association (LMCA)

LMCA Board of Directors 2013/2014:

Peter Carr

Vice President
Christel S. Percival

Secretary / Treasurer
Michelle Harper


Dave Bouquot

Bob Sharp

Etienne Tardif

Felix Vogt

Al Foster

Shaun Cooke

Kathleen McDade

Executive Director
Agnes Seitz


Hall Rentals/Memberships

LMCA Constitution

LMCA Minutes (pdf)

LMCC 20th anniversay celebration.

LMCC 20th anniversay celebration.

Hamlet of Mt. Lorne

Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 7A1

Membership Fees

Memberships are valid from November 1, 2012 to October 31, 2013. Memberships are based on a sliding scale now.

LMCA Annual Family Membership $30 - $60 (recommended $40)

A membership entitles you to reduced rates for many LMCA events and courses.

You must have an LMCA Family Membership to become a member of the ski club.

Ski Club $40 per child

Membership/Renewal Form

Anual General Meeting

Thursday, April 28th, 7 pm

Short business meeting with financial presentation and new budget.

Open meeting - everybody invited!

Followed by:

Fun and Games - LMCC style
Bring your ideas and equipment

And enjoy our
East meets West BBQ

  • Chicken strawberry skewers
  • Texas meatball skewers
  • Spring rolls and more!
  • Desserts too.

For more info, contact Agnes 667-7083 or Email lmca@northwestel.net

Lorne Mt. Community Association (LMCA) is a registered society formed in 1985 to serve the social and recreational needs of what is now the Hamlet of Mt. Lorne.

In 1996 the association was granted the powers of Recreation Authority by the Government of Yukon.

LMCA's mandate is to provide the facilities and recreational opportunities that promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage family participation, provide opportunities for youth employment and training while supporting goals of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

LMCA Meetings

LMCA normally meets monthly at the Lorne Mountain Community Centre, km 1 Annie Lake Road.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, March 30th, 7 pm
Opening of Zamboni Station at LMCC

November 20, 2010 was the 20 year celebration for the LMCC and opening of the new Zamboni Station. LMCA president Ruth Lera is pictured here with Minister Archie Lang and Senator Lang.

Yukon Community Recreation, Leaders Guide
for Rural, Remote and Northern Communities

Contact Phone #'s

Executive Director Agnes Seitz 667-7083
Community Centre Phone/Fax 667-7083
Memberships Phone/Fax 667-7083
Hall Rentals Phone/Fax 667-7083
Hall Maintenance Phone/Fax 667-7083
Hall - please leave message Phone/Fax 667-7083

There is an answering machine on this line and it is checked regularily. If you find yourself talking to the machine, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Email for any of the above is lmca@northwestel.net.

LMCC at km 0.5 Annie Lake Road

LMCA Strategic Planning Workshop 2011


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