Mt. Lorne Plans and Maps

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Mt. Lorne Plans and Maps

1995 Hamlet of Mt. Lorne and Carcross Area Plan

Carcross Local Area Plan

Mt. Lorne Development Area Regulation 2006

Mt. Lorne Zoning Map

Yukon Communities Zoning Maps

Plan and Regulation Amendments

Council letter to Patrick Rouble , Minister Energy, Mines & resources re: Plan Review, Lot Subdivision and McGowan Land Options. (Signed copy on file)

Order-In-Council 2014/40 amending the Mt. Lorne Development Area Regulation and Area Plan to allow subdivision of existing lot

Proposal to Allow Subdivision of Rural Residential Lots – Backgrounder

Hamlet of Mt. Lorne Titled Property Owner Opinion Survey June 2011 – CommentsFinal Results

Residents interested in subdividing their lots can find the necessary documentation explaining the process at the Yukon Government, Energy, Mines and Resources webpage. HERE

Approval of Amendment to the Mt. Lorne Development Area Regulations to allow Subdivision Of Rural Residential and Agricultural Properties.

Background Info

YG Statistics for Mt. Lorne

Yukon Mining and Lands Viewer is a mapping tool to allow you to build an interactive map of resource information that is presently available through out the Yukon. Zoom into the area of the Yukon that you are interested in then use the layer tool to turn on the the various information items that you are interested in seeing and a map of that information will be created for you. The help section of the viewer explains what each menu item will do for you.

  • To see how many mining claims have been staked in the Yukon between 2009 and now
  • Yukon Conservation Society – Mining

Geomatics Yukon provides mapping information, Imagery and GIS information.

Environment Yukon Water Website provides information about Yukon’s water resources, water management and water monitoring. Check out the Water Data Catalogue, where you can search for water monitoring sites and find out how to access Yukon water data.

Canada Legal Lands Survey System allows you to find a legal survey plan anywhere in Canada. Zoom in to the area you are interested in. Find the lot you are interested in and double click on it and an image of the legal lot plan will be generated for you. Please note: This map browser only works in Internet Explorer and it will install Autodesk Map Viewer on your computer to be able to generate images.