Community Emergency Committee


The Community Emergency Committee(CEC) is a core group of 15 Mt. Lorne citizens who are working to achieve two things:

  1. to plan ahead in the event of a community emergency and have a plan in place for different kinds of events (wildfire, long power outage, hazardous materials, earthquake, etc.), and
  2. to be adequately trained to be able to support and assist responding agencies who come to the scene and to mobilize our own resources.

Mt. Lorne is a great community to live in, but there are some distinct challenges to contend with should something go wrong. For instance, most people have only one access road from their place to the highway. We are spread out, in mostly thick forest, and often at the ends of long roads that are not always vehicle-friendly, or even locate-able since we don’t have a meaningful address system.

These kinds of issues have led us to begin to work together and with the Yukon Government Emergency Measures Organization to think ahead and prepare what we can. We are in early days yet, with a lot of ideas and we are developing a direction. We would like more people involved.


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