Aging in Place

Aging in Place - Mt. Lorne Public Meeting

Mt. Lorne Public Meeting

Wednesday, October 17th, 7 – 9 pm

What does “aging in place” mean to you? What would help you age well in Yukon?

Starts with a 45 minute video from the keynote speaker June Yukon “Summit on Aging”, followed by discussions and YOUR input!

The Government of Yukon is engaging with the public, stakeholders and other governments to determine a Yukon definition for the term “aging in place” and to develop priorities for action to support aging well in the territory. Aging in place is a new concept for many Yukoners and could mean different things to different people . . . (and) is an important and complex issue. The goals of this engagement are to understand the perspectives of Yukoners related to aging well in Yukon for the purpose of future program planning. Following the engagement process, a ‘What We Heard’ document will be shared with the public and stakeholders, and used to inform future planning.

Join us to share your thoughts, stories and experiences about aging well in Yukon.

The time frame for public engagement activities is between June and November 2018.

For more info, call 867-393-6305 or email: