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Mt. Lorne
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October 27


October 28

TEDx Salon

October 30

Halloween Party

November 1

Hamlet Council Meeting

November 13

Melon Style Willow Basket Workshop

November 19

Planning a Perennial Food Garden


LMCA Board Meeting

November 28

Introduction to Harmonica



LMCC Facility Rental

Community hall, kitchen, outdoor pavilion, showers, camp area - everything for your special event. Book now for next summer. Check here for rates and more info or call 667-7083


Are available at LMCC. Members can get access to our coin operated showers. Interested? Please contact Agnes for the access code. 667-7083


Hamlet of Mt. Lorne

Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 7A1


Mt. Lorne Solar Project

Click on the link above to monitor hourly/daily energy production at Mt. Lorne Community Centre

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Mt. Lorne, Yukon

The Hamlet of Mt. Lorne extends from just south of the junction of the Alaska and Klondike Highways to south of Bear Creek, and down the Annie Lake Road to the Wheaton River bridge. It covers an area of 245 square kilometers with a population of 410 people.

The Mt. Lorne area has a rich history. First Nations people have a long tradition of hunting and gathering in this region. In 1992, an archaeological dig at Annie Lake discovered remains of campsites dating back over 8000 years.

Recently, easy access to trails and tales of big snow have made Mt. Lorne a favoured area for mushers training for the Yukon Quest and Iditarod.

Solar Project at LMCC

Civic Address Maps

Lorne Mountain All Candidates Meeting

Tuesday, October 25th

at Lorne Mountain Community Centre km1 Annie Lake Road
Doors open at 6:45pm for informal discussions
7:30pm the meeting will start and our moderator
will lead the question and answer period

Open meeting to meet our riding candidates.


Hosted by LMCA and MLLAC

All three candidates have confirmed they will attend:

Kevin Barr - NDP
John Streicker - Liberals
Rob Schneider - Yukon Party

so bring your questions for them to answer.

Our annual fundraiser with delicious
Purdy's chocolates

Purdy's Order Info

If you need more info or have questions check with Christel Percival 668-6817

Mount Lorne Community

hosted a meeting late last year to discuss the possibilities of setting in place a community housing project that could meet the ongoing needs of an aging population. At that meeting there was a consensus of the 35 plus participants that we wanted an alternative to the institutional complexes proposed for the aging population and an alternative that would be largely focused on aging near our present homes. The problems associated with where and when were foremost in our minds. Since that time, we have learned that the Yukon Government introduced in 2016 a land allocation process designed to meet the needs of institutions and non-profit societies. In addition, we have become increasingly familiar with the Canadian Co-housing movement. These two conditions make a Mount Lorne Community co-housing project seem far more feasible and accessible. More details regarding the co-housing movement and the land allocation process for non-profit societies are presented in this short PowerPoint presentation.

Power Point Presentation

What if no one volunteered to work on the
Lorne Mt. Community Association,
sit on the Hamlet Council
or become a Volunteer Firefighter?
Who would then be there
to hear your concerns
and help you?

Be a Hero in your Community

We had great programming and events throughout this year and

LMCA would like to thank:

YTG - Community Youth Activities

Lotteries Yukon - Community Lottery Program

Sports and Recreation Department YTG / Community Services for all their support in keeping our great facilities going!

Growing Forward 2 / YTG Agriculture Branch for supporting our Northern Backyard Garden Series

CPVSTF - Crime Prevention Victim Service Trust Fund for our Moms and Girls Club

Heritage Canada - Canada Day Celebration funding

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